Faraz Anwar Guitar Idol Coverage

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Faraz Anwar’s Guitar Idol entry created a lot of hype not only on the internet but a couple of media channels also gave coverage to Guitar Idol 2009. From online forums and blogs to Facebook, Pakistani’s around the world supported Faraz Anwar and voted for him throughout the competition and made it possible for him to enter into the UK Live Final.

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Faraz Anwar on getting pulled out of Guitar Idol

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Latest Interview of Faraz Anwar for The News Instep
By: Asra Pasha
Published: Friday June 12th, 2009

Guitar Idol requires us to travel to UK for the live performance. I tried to figure out a way of visiting UK this month but it wasn’t possible.
Faraz Anwar speaks on the Guitar Idol experience and why he had to pull out of the show

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Published: November 30th, 2004
Reviewed by: Ron Fuchs

Now this is what I’m talking about! A breakthrough, dare I say progressive neo-classical work of art that is by far one of the few appealing releases Lion Music has to offer. Faraz Anwar’s debut album, a solo project that was released in 2001 with absolutely no sound, and now in 2004 it was re-released by Lion Music.

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Sea Of Tranquility – APOV Review

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Published: November 17th 2004
Reviewed by: Duncan Glenday

This may be a mistaken assumption, but one imagines that the yellow pages in Pakistan do not contain a huge selection of guitar teachers specializing in rock, metal, fusion and jazz. Apparently influenced by an early Malmsteen video, a young Faraz Anwar honed his craft from the Paul Gilbert tutorials – and has emerged as a guitar virtuoso with a standard of musicianship and classical sensibility that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Satriani / Vai / McAlpine / Johnson set. This is his debut album, essentially a solo project that was released in 2001 with zero acclaim, and has now been re-released by Lion records.

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iO Pages (Issue 54) – APOV Review

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Published: September 2004
By: iO Pages (Dutch Magazine) (Issue 54)

The last couple of months there has been a revival of musicians that make a mixture of progressive metal, jazz-rock and classical techniques. Examples are the last CD’s from Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore and Anand Mahangoe (a Dutch player). From a very unexpected corner, namely Pakistan, comes an artist who doesn’t express this so much in separate compositions, but far more into one song.

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APOV Review by Christopher Ruel

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Published: August 2004
Reviewed by:Chris Ruel

Some albums you might listen to are immediately perceivable for their musical scope and vision. Other albums, such as Abstract Point Of View, require time to settle in and time for adjustment to a fresh, new perspective. Always zeroing in on the guitar technique to give me clues to the relative prominence of the musicians involved, I was first struck by the guitar work on this CD so that I realized I needed to stand back from the trees to get a better look at the forest. This is because I immediately realized that there was more going on here than could be absorbed the first time through this strictly instrumental album.

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Published: Friday 23rd July, 2004

Very seldom do you hear virtuoso electric guitar music that has a truely progressive nature. So many guitarists have descended upon the music world in such a short time period, and very few of these players are showing any visionary tendancies, particularly when considering the quality of the compositions, or any individuality to their approach to music in general. We have been inundated with players that merely want to show us that they are swift manipulators of scales, licks and rhetorical copycating.

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APOV Review by Yaasir Ijaz Ahmed

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Artist: Faraz Anwar
Album: Abstract Point of View
Release Date: December 2001
Record Label: Gnarly Geezer
Rating: 5 stars

“Abstract Point of View” is the first solo instrumental album by guitar-guru Faraz Anwar. It was released internationally by Gnarly Geezer Records in 2001. It’s all about what Faraz has learnt and felt in last 12 years, since he has been friends with the six-string. The album was completed in just four months at Digital Fidelity Studios Lahore. Mekaal engineered and recorded it and Faraz produced the album himself.

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